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Hello friends! I'm Titan.

A proud Caucasian Shepherd and also the head of the family.

This is my story

Meet Bela!

It is my partner with whom I share family responsibilities.

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Ken the proud

It is younger than me and always wants to be in the spotlight.

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Portos, the family junior

Portos seeks the attention and care of others.

Discover its story!

Shiba, the vigilant

Vigilant and always ready.

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Adda, the Alfa female

Adda’s beauty enchanted an entire world and every male was intimidated by its presence.

This is its story!

Know the Titans’

We believe that the things created out of passion last in time and remain as legacy for generations. Titans Family was born from the desire to create a community where Caucasian Shepherd dog breed can develop harmoniously and can display their unique qualities.

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Purebred dogs

The passion for Caucasian Shepherd breed took shape over two decades ago and urged us to always look outstanding representatives of this breed to grow them in a beautiful, natural and healthy manner.

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Trained with care

Imposing and dominant dogs, the Caucasian Shepherds need not only an emotional proximity to their master, but especially suitable training to keep control of their temperament ever since their first months of life.

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Raised with love

For years, we have welcomed new members to our family with joy and we tried to give each of them a friendly environment, full of love and warmth, but also the attention and respect they deserved.

Our Titans

The chief representatives of our kennel have many results in national and international competitions and exhibitions of pedigree dogs.