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The Titans Family – Caucasian Shepherd Breeders – Our Story

My name is Laurentiu Duta and I am proud to call myself a breeder and the initiator of this beautiful international kennel in Romania, “The Titans Family” or “Canisa de Bolintin” as it is known around here.

It all started back in 1998 when I came across a Moldavian breeder who was bringing Caucasian puppies for sale in a public marketplace in Bucharest. When I first saw a Caucasian Mountain dog puppy I was purely amazed of its beauty, I had never seen such a dog before, so it was clear to me I had to get one. It all started with Cezar, who had been brought from Chisinau, Moldavia, and soon after came Lisa, my first female Caucasian, from Odessa, Ukraine. I already knew I was going to start a kennel, it was actually a trend in that period to get Caucasian Shepherds, they were fresh and spectacular additions to the Romanian scenery, so people were really interested in them. 

It soon became a family business as my wife was always there to attend the dogs when I was gone and my two sons grew up playing and taking care of them, later on joining me in organizing the business. It was fascinating to learn about lineages and to trace back the pedigree of the dogs we were deciding to bring to the kennel and put together for mounting. I bought plenty of books and started reading in detail about dogs’ behavior and Caucasians, and what was most important was that we started going to international dog exhibitions, there were more of us in Romania who had started to breed dogs and we were keeping connected and exchanging information. There was one dog exhibit in Hungary where 173 Caucasian Shepherds came together for this one event, it was spectacular. 

After all these experiences and all the information we had collected, after numerous visits to exhibitions in the country and abroad, meetings with renowned breeders from different countries, we set up in 2006 the kennel “De Bolintin-Deal” under the aegis of the International Kennel Federation (FCI).

When it comes to breeding, it was important for us to decide what kind of dogs we wanted to pass forward to people, on which traits we should focus. For us it was important to focus on the classic traits of the breed, to keep its dimensions and beauty and choose partners that would be a good match for these criteria. So when I was choosing new dogs to bring to the kennel I was attentively tracing back their lineage and ancestor, printing large picture and looking at the details of their posture and appearance.

Each of the dogs we breed has a unique personality and we remember them as members of the family. I have clear memories of the first dogs that were brought to the kennel when we began and each of them holds a special place in my heart, just like a master who has taught me precious lessons in this life.

Of course that dogs bring the behavior of their lineage forward, but in addition to that it is also the treatment they receive when they grow up. The conditions in which they live, the attention and socialization they receive from us people is also creating a part of their personality. And to be frank, it is quite an honor to see myself after all these years and all the precious lessons I have received from these dogs, passing forward beautiful, strong and at the same time kind and affectionate dogs. 

The work that we have performed in all this time materialized in international recognition of the kennel of de Bolintin and in the important awards that we have received at the exhibitions and competitions in the country and abroad. Currently, we have associates and partners worldwide, from Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Malta, United Kingdom, United States, Chile, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, China, the Philippines, South Korea, France, Canada, Indonesia and Bahamas.

The story goes on, the Caucasian Mountain Dog has become the fulfillment of my mission in life and alongside my youngest son, Laurentiu, who started doing a great job in promoting the kennel at an international level, are honored to be sending amazing dogs all across the world. Welcome to our extended family!