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Titans’ story

Our passion for the Caucasian Shepherd breed is very old. It emerged more than 20 years ago and ever since the first contact with a Caucasian Shepherd I had been charmed by the unique qualities of this breed. In 1998, I brought for the first time in the bosom of our family a couple of Caucasian Shepherd with the male originating from Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova and one female from Odessa, Ukraine. It was the moment I knew that there is no turning back, that we needed to know this breed in depth and help perpetuate it.

After numerous visits to exhibitions in the country and abroad, meetings with renowned breeders from different countries and after collecting information about the breed, we set up in 2006 the kennel “De Bolintin-Deal” under the aegis of the International Kennel Federation (FCI).

Our passion was shaping more and more, and the work that we have performed all this time materialized in international recognition of the kennel of de Bolintin and in the important awards that we have received at the exhibitions and competitions in the country and abroad. Currently, we have associates and partners worldwide, from Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Malta, United Kingdom, United States, Chile, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, China, the Philippines, South Korea, France, Canada, Indonesia and Bahamas.