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January 27, 2021

Want to get a Caucasian Shepherd? Ask the breeder about their teeth also.

If you are thinking you want to get a purebred Caucasian Shepherd with healthy lineage and high class pedigree parents, surely you need to ask lots of questions to the breeder you are buying from. The teeth can be a good topic to mention.

The scissor bite and its variations

The standard healthy position of the two jaws of any breed of dogs is one in which both jaws match each other evenly, the so-called “scissors bite”. The teeth should be only slightly in contact, leaving a bit of space between. 

It can happen for some dogs that their bite is congenitally undershot or overshot, which means that the placement of the upper jaw on the lower jaw is uneven, either one way or another. Check out pictures and more details here.

This is considered as a simple congenital malformation and it discredits dogs from beauty competitions and should not be passed on through breeding. However, this only regards the esthetics and the quality of the gene pool, and not the health of your dog.

So you should not worry, dogs with overshot or undershot jaws have no health problems in chewing and it does not affect their life in any way. 

Buying a Caucasian Shepherd dog for competition or further breeding

If you want to buy a Caucasian Shepherd for going to competitions and to experience this beautiful side of bonding with your dog then you should ask detailed questions to your breeder.

The jury in official dog shows pays attention to every little aspect of the dog, including the teeth and the bite. Because everyone wants to pass on the best features as possible when breeding, any little birth malformation such as overshot or undershot jaws disqualifies a dog from further breeding. 

Buying a Caucasian Shepherd dog as guard dog or family pet 

When you want a dog only for yourself, to keep him or her as a family pet or as a trustworthy guard dog, then such details really do not matter. The teeth of the dog do not affect his lifestyle or behavior in any way, so that needn’t be something to take into consideration. 

However, a fair and experienced breeder should always inform the owners of any hereditary or congenital malformation, no matter the purpose for buying the dog. Moreover, the price for such a puppy is usually lower, so it could be an advantage for owners who do not want to breed their dogs.

Always remember to do your research and ask plenty of question before deciding to buy a purebred dog to join your family. You can also check the various informative articles on our blog and we are here for you if you have any questions.

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