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Izan the proud

The Caucasian Shepherd, Male, 2013

With an energetic spirit and independent nature, Izan always seeks to be in the spotlight and often expresses its feelings of jealousy in the presence of other dogs. It is a dog that can show aggression unexpectedly and can act violently when its territory is trespassed. The innate nature of fighter inherited from its father and grandfather, and also the distrust that it has in relation to strangers are its main features.

Izan stands apart not only by its special nature but also by its specific physical features. The harmony of the solid body and the slightly round head is complemented by the beauty of its fur. It boasts on a two-tone fur, dark brown on the head and on the back and silky white descending from neck to belly towards the back legs.

  • Name Izan De Bolintin-Deal
  • Mother Tskaro Ulchara (Olga)
  • Father Eger Ksyezic Pamiru
  • Color White Brindle
  • Eyes Brown
Photos of Izan