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Ken the proud

The Caucasian Shepherd, Male, 2016

A very-deep chested male dog, elegant and proud. A male that demands and commands respect, always fighting for the alfa position. A dog that pursues domination and control over its territory. A dog that that is very attached and obedient to his owners, acting instantly after receiving a command. In the presence of his owners he is very tolerant with strangers, however in the absence of owners he may display an aggressive behavior. Yutub iz Stolitsy Sibiri, Ken’s father, is a champion originating from Russia, and Medeea De Bolintin Deal, Ken’s mother, is the daughter of Titan. Similarly to his parents, he gained acknowledgment in dog shows, winning the Romanian Champion title.

  • Name Ken
  • Mother Medeea De Bolintin-Deal
  • Father Yutub iz Stolitsy Sibiri
  • Color Gray and black
  • Eyes Dark color
Photos of Ken