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Medeea, the vigilant

The Caucasian Shepherd, Female, 2014

Medeea is a real presence in our kennel and boasts on a special allure and an aggressive attitude that distinguish it from other females. It has an incredible reaction speed and it is always attentive to what is happening around it. Although among the family it has a docile behaviour, it acts without a second thought when it comes in contact with other animals or even humans.

It is among our champions and at only three years old, Medeea managed to arouse admiration at the competitions it attended.

  • Name Medeea De Bolintin-Deal
  • Mother Gulsa De Bolintin-Deal (Gulsa)
  • Father Berkavkaz Cneaz Vostoka (Titan)
  • Color Grey
  • Eyes Hazel
Photos of Medeea