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Adda, the Alfa female

The Caucasian Shepherd, Female, 2014

She is a very elegant and active female, who does not accept strangers around. She is very obedient with her owners and their family, and she also has a highly developed guardian instinct. In the same time she is a special mother, very careful with her puppies, a gorgeous female with almond-shaped eyes. Adda originates from bloodlines of national and international champions, as her parents are Titan and Fenia De Bolintin Deal. Adda gained acknowledgement in dog shows especially due to her elegance, many times being awarded the Excellent grading.

  • Name Adnara
  • Mother Fenia de Bolintin-Deal
  • Father Titan (Berkavkaz Cneaz Vostoka)
  • Color Gray / Black;
  • Eyes Hazel (dark).
Photos of Adda