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Titan, the head of the family

The Caucasian Shepherd, Male, 2011

Aged six, Titan became one of the most renowned Caucasian Shepherd worldwide, its beauty and imposing presence being recognized in dozens of competitions in the country and abroad. Not infrequently, it turned glances of wonder and posed confidently with tourists on the streets of Milan or Zandhoven (Belgium). Raised in the bosom of our family since the age of 15 months, Titan noticed itself ever since it was a puppy thanks to its curiosity and intelligence that it showed. Although it is an imposing dog, the appearance of which can inspire fear, Titan is a loving and sociable dog.

Over time, Titan was able to get the title of champion in Romania and 22 excellent marks, 10 CAC (Champion Skills Certificate) titles, 4 CACIB (certificate of aptitude International champion of beauty) titles, 4 BD (best male) titles and 4 BOB (best of breed) titles.

  • Name Berkavkaz Cneaz Vostoka
  • Mother Dikaya Staya Vorozheya
  • Father Kunak Donbass-Master
  • Color Brown
  • Eyes Hazel
  • 2 excellent marks obtained in 2015 at the World Dog Show Milano / Club show, Italy.
  • 1 excellent mark obtained in 2016 at the European Dog Show 2016 Brussels, Belgium.
  • 1 excellent mark, 1 CAC title, 1 CACIB title, obtained in 2015 at CACIB Show Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.
Photos of Titan