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June 2, 2017

From Caucasus worldwide: Caucasian Shepherd breed

Caucasian Shephard history

Known as Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka, Caucasian Shepherd, Caucasian Ovcharka or Caucasian Mountain Dog, the Caucasian Shepherd is among the most renowned large dogs. As the name suggests, it comes from the Caucasus Mountains, from countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, but has gained the reputation as Russian dog after the Second World War when Russian cynologists have taken steps to preserve the breed. This took place amid times when the uniqueness of the breed was endangered by violent deportations and unattended mixings.

These dogs remained known in history as a breed of guard dogs, used to defend households against wild animals, but also against uninvited guests and thieves. During the communist regime, they were used to defend the Soviet gulags and to patrol along the Berlin Wall.


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About Caucasian Shepherd Breed

The Caucasian Shepherd breed has unique features, both physical and related to its behaviour. The dogs belonging to this breed have a solid body, rather long than tall, dark eyes and deep look, cropped ears and a long tail. The hair shades can vary from gray to brown, in combination with white or black. Their temperament is specific to guard dogs: they are always alert, they are strong, dominant and vigilant, but docile and friendly with the members of the family in which they grow.

The Caucasian Shepherd is suspicious and aggressive towards foreigners, including towards other animals. If not properly trained and socialized, it shows signs of ferocity and can react uncontrollably. On the other hand, it becomes loyal to its master and does not hesitate to act and defend him in any situation. However, not anyone can own a Caucasian Shepherd. The master must show a strong character, self-confidence and calm to control the violent attacks of the dog. Moreover, there are legal provisions according to which only people over 18 can hold a Caucasian Shepherd.

It is recommended that people who want such a dog to a kennel purchase from authorized; any person who is not a Caucasian Shepherd selling can provide the necessary information about how to increase and train.

It is recommended that people who want such a dog purchase it from an authorized kennel; not any person who has a Caucasian Shepherd for sale can provide the necessary information about how to grow and train it.

Our kennel has puppies from the Caucasian Shepherd breed for sale, and so far has managed to provide puppies in Europe and in countries in Asia, America or Africa. People interested in the dogs that we hold can contact us either through a private message or at one of the phone numbers.


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