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April 7, 2021

How do I choose my Caucasian Shepherd dog?

Each person has a unique set of needs and different reasons for which they decide to buy a dog, so the clearer the needs and expectation, the easier it is to choose a proper dog. Of course that the first decision was to opt for this large breed of Caucasian Shepherds, so there are already some inbuilt needs these dogs meet. Afterwards, how to choose the best matching puppy for yourself and your living condition can depend on different factors, as follows. 

What needs do you expect your dog to fulfill?

Of course that you should formulate clearly in your mind the reasons why you want a dog and why you want this particular shepherd breed of dogs, so as not to have unexpected surprises. If you need a strong and loyal guard dog for your property, who is at the same time gentle and loving to children, then the Caucasian Shepherd will be a good match. 

The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a territorial dog, designed to guard his area and his flock/family, so if you are a traveler this won’t be the best dog for you. Families who live in the countryside or in the city in a house with a garden, will benefit from the skills of the Caucasian Shepherd dog. 

This large giant will fulfill your needs of affection and play also, especially when younger, but you should have into consideration that its basic instinct is the one of guardian, so he will be firstly that and then a playmate.

So, according to your personality and needs you can ask the breeder for the pup from the litter who he has observed as most adequate for you. We also recommend, if you are not accustomed to a large guard dog breed, to start with a female, as they are gentler and more docile than the dominant males. 

What are your living conditions and lifestyle?

Of course that, having decided for a Caucasian Russian dog already, you should know that it needs outdoor space and daily movement and socialization. So no matter if you choose a male or a female, you should have a garden or some kind of open space for the dog to be free in. Also you should have enough time and motivation to work with your dog and constantly socialize him or her, crucial activities for large breed guard dogs.

Have you decided to buy from a breeder?

When it comes to deciding which pup is best from a litter, you can be guided by your instinct and intuition for choosing a pup or another. However, it is crucial to have some background on the parents and of each puppy in particular, as they are very different individuals with different genetic tendencies.

The breeders have long time experience with the dogs and can tell you all the details they have about the inherited traits of their puppies. We at Titans Family always have thorough discussions and get to know our clients closely so that we can recommend the best puppy to buy and have as a mate for life. 

Also, a breeder can have more pairs of dogs with different personalities, which will bring different pups. This way he can advise you to wait a bit more, for example, if you want a really docile and loving Caucasian, for a new litter to be born from a pair in which the male is not a dominant male. Or it can be the other way around, of course, if you want a more protective and imposing dog. 

As brothers and sisters, the pups have their own hierarchy, different personalities and roles. A breeder observes these and can be very accurate in recommending you a certain Caucasian pup

Other than that, you should know that once the dog becomes a member of your family, of course that it depends on you to educate and train the abilities you want the dog to display. Starting from the choices you made, the dog’s inherent personality will adapt to you and your family’s lifestyle.

Our Caucasian Shepherd kennel has puppies for sale all throughout the year and we are always available for discussions and advice for new or future owners. Do not hesitate to write to us!

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