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October 30, 2023

Interview with a fresh Caucasian Shepherd owner – Lisa from Morfasso, Italy

We at the Titans Family sometimes choose to deliver our puppies to their new owners personally, mostly in Europe. This way we combine work with leisure, we get to meet new people and see new places. Also, we drive the puppies safely to their new homes and we get to spend some time with the new owners, helping with advice or suggestions. This is a small interview we had with one of our most recent clients, now a proud Caucasian Shepherd dog owner, Lisa from Morfasso, Italy, along with her beautiful family. They got two male puppies from the Titans family, named them Rocky and Rambo and prepared their arrival with lots of enthusiasm. Here is what Lisa told us about choosing Caucasian Shepherds and the Titans Family.

Laurențiu: Hello, I am Laurențiu and Ana from Titans Family and we have just delivered these beautiful dogs, here in Morfasso, Italy, to Lisa.

Lisa: Hello!

Laurențiu: Hello Lisa, I want to thank you for accepting to have this interview. I have a first question for you: Why did you choose us for the Caucasian Shepherd dogs?

Lisa: Well, I saw that you have a big fan page and a lot of people follow you. I actually reached out for a couple of people that had recommended you guys. You looked very informative and very helpful, very fast replying, very nice. The type of dogs you had looked so happy, the environment that they lived in looked very peaceful so I felt very confident going with you guys in comparison to other people. That’s how we decided to go with the Titans Family. 

Laurențiu: I can see that you have a beautiful area here that is very good for this type of dogs.

Lisa: That’s why we went with this type of dog because we live in the mountains and we have loads of land so we thought this is the perfect type of breed to have out here.

Ana: Have you made any preparations before the arrival of the dogs?

Lisa: Yes! We have a trainer coming, I have a vet ready to come see the dogs this week as well. We have all our family and friends with dogs, during the whole week we have planned who we are going to see with what dogs, what cats. Yeah, we planned the whole house here. 

Ana: I heard that you’ve read all the articles from the blog.

Lisa: I read all the blogs, yeah. That’s definitely complimenting because we had a small dog before so that was really helpful. I learned so much from reading your blogs by the way, very helpful.

Laurențiu: That’s great, I even don’t know how to react. And, you already told us but I want to ask you again. Have you thought for names for them?

Lisa: This is Rocky and this is Rambo.

Laurențiu: From the famous movie,

Lisa: Yes exactly!

Ana: Ok, great! Thank you again and have a great time with them!

Lisa: Thank you and we will keep in touch please.

Laurențiu: Yes, surely!

It was a pleasure to meet Lisa and her family and to deliver Rocky and Rambo to Italy. Here you can see the video on the interview also. And here you can read about another of our delivery trips to France.

If you also want to become a happy Caucasian Shepherd dog owner and get a puppy from the Titans Family don’t hesitate to contact us!

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