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February 12, 2021

Preparing to receive a Caucasian Shepherd pup

How can we best prepare our home, garden and state of spirit in order to best receive a new member of the family, a puppy? That is a question that we can answer in many ways and it is very important for people to ask it. Making life easier for yourself and keeping your home and dog safe are top priorities when taking the decision of adding a canine member to the family.

Make your house or garage puppy-proof

When preparing for the arrival of a puppy, each owner has a different experience, depending if they are experienced with dogs or not. If you had dogs before and took them in from an early puppy age, then you already know that they need to chew stuff as they develop their teeth. The Caucasian Shepherd in particular is a passionate chewer so make sure you put away anything that is chewable and tempting for the dog, in the space where you allow him to be on his own.

It is crucial that the Caucasian pup doesn’t have anything made of plastic that he can chew. We’ve had experiences with dogs chewing and swallowing plastic that didn’t end up very well. You can go visit your local pet store and get a provision of toys for large dogs, the ones made of rope we recommend as some of the best.

Now, if you decide to allow your Caucasian Mountain dog to stay also in the house, you should be aware of his thick coat and long hair. So make sure you get proper tools for grooming to avoid too much hair spreading around the house.

Also, they might enjoy digging holes in the garden so be careful to reinforce your fence so that there is no chance they dig underneath it.

Organize a space for the pup

Of course that any animal needs a space where they feel safe inside, just like a natural lair, so providing this for your pup will be of great benefit. No matter if your decide to keep your pup with you in the house or the garage, it needs to have its own place to sleep, a dog bed, dog house or dog crate.

This will give him both a sense of safety and will teach him quickly to go outside for his physiological needs.

Provide yourself with the necessary supplies

The necessary supplies for a puppy start with the food that you are going to feed him. It is important that you talk to the breeder about this and see what the pup was being fed before, so that you can make a gradual shift to the food you want to give him. If the shift isn’t gradual, there is risk of diarrhea. If mild diarrhea happens you can get advice and some pills from your local vet.

Also, get some nice treats for the pup as you will need them for your training time together. Using a clicker or a whistle whenever you train your pup brings extra efficiency.

Getting a collar and a leash proper for the size of the pup and being prepared to change it quite quickly because of the fast growing rhythm of the Caucasian is also a must.

If you keep your dog indoors also, you should use pet pads for house training if the pup hasn’t already been housetrained.

Be prepared to adapt your schedule

When bringing a pet to the family, they will require your time and attention, so you will need to give some adjustment time during the growth period and gradually establish some routines. The dog will need several walks and play moments per day, so be prepared to adapt your schedule for that.

If there are more members of the family attending the dog, you can adjust your schedules together.

Plan a visit to the vet

Going to the vet to register your dog and have his vaccination and disinfestation scheme completed is also basic and important. You will have to repeat the treatment for internal and external parasites regularly, to keep the pup safe from worms, fleas or ticks.

Also, the vet will register the pup in the records of the clinic and follow its growth, getting to know him and making it easier to monitor his health.

Except for all these, of course that the best thing you can do for your new Caucasian Shepherd pup is to give him time to adapt to your family. Patience and socialization with people and other animals are essential, so observing the puppy closely and giving him all the trust he needs to be a proud member of your family.

He or she will grow more attached to one member of the family, the one who spends most time with him and know how to best assert himself in front of the dog. However, all the members should be involved in the socialization and training of the pup, for an ideal bonding between all.

Having all these checked on your list and your heart prepared for the loveable fur ball that will join your family, its arrival and accommodation will be much smoother. Enjoy!

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