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March 8, 2021

Preparing your Caucasian Shepherd for competitions

Wouldn’t it be really exciting if your four-legged partner was also a travel companion and a motivation for you to give your best in a competition? Participating with your dogs in national and international competitions can be some of the most rewarding experiences you can have, bringing lots of benefits for both owner and dog.

Making a team with your Caucasian Shepherd dog and doing the best you can to prepare and train your mate can bring great rewards in the international canine competitions. Except from providing a unique, fun and exciting competition experience, you also get to practice discipline, patience, perseverance and strengthen the bond with your canine pal.

If you are a beginner and want to know more about how you can follow the right steps to participate in a canine competition, we have some tips for you. Our Titans Family kennel has been attending lots of competitions and gaining friends and value for our dogs through these experiences. You should also think about this in advance when you decide to buy your dog, get it for a reasonable Caucasian Shepherd puppy price and make sure the breeder lets you know about its bloodlines and parents. Here is what you should know if you decide to participate in a competition. 

Understanding the rules of the competition

When deciding to participate in a national or international canine competition of course that you need to know exactly what it implies, what are the rules of the contest, what criteria you need to accomplish in order to participate and what your dog will need to do. You can check these things out on the FCI website for international competitions or you can look for the website of your local dog show to see the criteria there.

We strongly recommend that you join a dog club and maybe go just to visit and see how a dog show takes place, what the atmosphere is and how dogs behave around there. Get acquainted with the kind of training you will need to do with your dog and how the judges give marks and establish the winners.

You can find competitions only destined for Caucasian Shepherds in countries such as Hungary, Russia, Poland or Ukraine or you can go to any international competition where all sorts of breeds of dogs are present. 

Socializing and obedience training

One very important activity you should put your attention on is intense socialization for your dog, as you can be disqualified during competition if there are signs of aggression. Taking your Caucasian Russian dog out for walks and dog parks, meeting other dogs of different sizes and breeds and bringing dogs home to visit are essential steps in growing a healthy social dog.

Next, you need to know the small tasks that your dog will need to perform as part of the competition and teach him to do them. You can ask for the help of a professional dog trainer if you feel that you cannot handle things and need some advice, but you can also do it on your own, watching videos and working step by step with your dog. It is important that you practice a lot prior to the competition so that your dog gets the hang of things and they remain fresh in his memory. 

Appearance and accessories

Another very important thing to take care of for a competition is the appearance of your dog, as it is also important criteria for the judges.

We groom carefully our dogs for a few days prior to taking them to competitions and we choose times of the year when they are not shedding. Caucasian Shepherds shed twice a year, in spring and autumn, and their fur can look really unpleasant in this time.

You can also choose to feed your dog some fish oil supplements as they bring extra health to the fur and a shiny appearance. 

Regarding accessories, you should also check the competition’s website and see if they require any particular type of leash and harness. It is important that you buy these new accessories some time prior to the competition so that you and the dog have enough time to get accustomed to them. 

The dog competitions are amazing experiences which we really recommend. They bring lots of knowledge, experience and skills in working with your dog and on top of that, there is a lot of fun and excitement going on. On top of that, the possibility of winning a prize is an immense reward and motivation for working together with your dog. 

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