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April 5, 2020

The story of the large Caucasian Mountain Dog, Aaron

Do you guys remember the story of the giant Ares?

Now it is about Aaron, another large Caucasian Shepherd arrived in Africa.
We just successfully completed another challenge thanks to our team! Aaron, one of the biggest Caucasian Shepherds in the world, has just arrived in Africa. We had to build him the largest cage allowed by the airline. A larger cage wouldn’t have entered the airplane door. Therefore, the cage was built both at the limit of Aron’s size and airplane’s door, so we had big emotions today at the airport, but finally everything went very well, due to the support of the pet shipping specialist, Anelise.

On our way to the airport, Aron impressed many people. His charm and huge size put him in the spotlight. He was like a star, people stopped us to take photos (and selfies). Even the staff at the cargo service (who see dogs every day) were impressed. We took a short video from the airport to share with you.

Aaron has said goodbye to his family, and he is now very excited to meet his new family, where he will have a life at least as beautiful as here.

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