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December 11, 2020

Vaccination and disinfestation for Caucasian Shepherds

One of the most important things you should consider when adding a canine member to your family is its health and following the necessary procedures for keeping your dog safe from diseases. There is a standard vaccination scheme and also an advised disinfestation schedule for preventing and treating intestinal worms and external parasites. Let’s look a bit deeper into these.

Vaccination for a puppy

After you buy your puppy you needn’t get your mind too tangled in knowing the names of all the vaccines, you breeder and vet doctor will take care of that for you.

The Caucasian Shepherd puppies leave from our kennel with minimum two vaccines already done, until the age of six weeks. If they leave later, they will get the third one also, until the age of ten weeks. The vaccination scheme covers different types of diseases and is divided in three or four stages, every two weeks. The vaccination scheme is not fixed, there are different factors that influence it, both the country you live in and the risks that are known there and also your options.

There are a few recommended vaccines for all dogs, such as the Rabies, distemper, parainfluenza and others that you can choose or not, according to the conditions in which your dog will live. If you want to find out more about each vaccine and its role, you can read about them here.

There are other vaccines which are optional such as the kennel cough vaccine which is important if you expose your dog to many other dogs for example at dog competitions or at training clubs. The vaccine for the Lyme disease caused by ticks is also very important if you take your dog out for walks in the nature, these small parasites are very prone to spreading on dogs in the warm season. This is actually a very dangerous disease which can put a dog down in just a few days if the antidote is not administered.

After the first vaccination scheme is complete, it is recommended to repeat it after one year and then once every three years. You will establish an ideal frequency with your vet as it is best to be cautious but not overdo it.

Parasites disinfestation – Getting rid of fleas and ticks

As you should already know, if you’ve had dogs or cats before, one of the most common things you should be aware about is the infestation with internal and external parasites. The internal parasites are different types of intestinal worms and the external parasites are the fleas and the ticks.

The first internal treatment should be given to the pup a week prior to the first vaccination and then it should accompany the vaccination scheme from two to two weeks. The flea-repellent substance can be administered at any moment.

After the first three months of your pup’s life, when the vet and the breeder will hopefully assist you in every step, you should repeat the disinfestation scheme once every three months. Once your pup reaches adulthood and depending where you keep your Caucasian shepherd, either indoors or outdoors, you should observe the dog closely during the hot months. Flees tend to multiply really fast during spring and it might be needed to apply flea-repellent more often than three months.

So if you follow these vaccination and disinfestation schemes and keep a good connection to your vet, your beloved pet should be guarded from most major risks regarding parasites and viruses. Remember that getting the dog from a breeder is a very precious decision you can make, as you will receive plenty of advice and the first vaccination scheme will already done in the pup.

If you are interested in buying a Caucasian Shepherd puppy you can always write to us on our website contact page, or on our social media pages.

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