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October 19, 2023

What it takes to be a good Caucasian Shepherd owner

We all know that adding a canine member to a family is a big decision that can bring a lot of joy and enthusiasm. However, it should also imply a realistic assessment of the resources we have available for this new member, both material and emotional. Everyone wants to be a good owner, we know that! But are you really aware of what that means? If you are thinking of becoming a Caucasian Shepherd owner in the near future, we put together a list of things you have to consider before embarking on this adventure.

1. Do you have enough space and material resources?

First of all, no matter the breed, when you get a new dog, it will surely add a considerable extra expenditure to your monthly budget. When talking about a big dog such as the Caucasian Shepherd mountain dog, of course it will mean even more money. Only when considering the quantity of food you should know that a Caucasian Shepherd adult eats a little bit over 1 kilo of food per day. And except for food, you will need to provide other material assets such as toys, accessories and a special place for the dog to sleep in

The basic vet checks and annual vaccinations and deworming treatments should also be considered for your budget. And of course, in case something happens and your dog will need medical assistance you should really check out your local vet’s prices in advance so that you don’t get surprised. 

Secondly, the Caucasian Shepherd is a large breed guard dog and it needs quite some space to feel good. We insist that such dogs be kept in a household where there is an outdoor space for the dog to have access to. They are not apartment dogs, although many owners keep them indoors and give them access to the garden or outside pen. 

2. Do you have time for training and socialization?

A dog in its young age will need a lot of time to be attended to and trained. In order to become a good Caucasian Shepherd owner, you will have to establish a trustworthy connection with your dog. Doing small training exercises and teaching him or her to walk on a leash is essential, as well as play time and social time in the park. For the first 6-8 months of his life, he will require a lot of attention and interaction so you need to make sure that some member of the family will be available for the pup. Especially for a big guard dog it is important to have social time and allow him to meet other people and animals

So, if you have a full time job and you live alone or with seniors, a Caucasian Shepherd puppy is clearly not the dog for you. A family with children or teenagers where an adult has some free hours during the day is ideal.

3. Have you owned a big guard dog before?

All dogs have a certain guarding instinct, it is true, but there are some breeds which have been developed especially for this purpose. In the case of a guard dog breed, there should be a territory to guard, otherwise the dog will improvise and find something else to guard. And you do not want that, as things can get unpredictable. 

Guard dogs have an innate protective instinct which catalyzes a strong and aggressive defensive behavior. Owners who want such dogs should be ready to contain their energy and to know how to assert themselves in front of their dogs. These dogs need a firm voice and a clear communication with their human companions so that they know how and when to use their protective energy and when to stop.

If you have never owned a guard dog before, we suggest you find a way to expose yourself to them, maybe visit a kennel, watch some videos, talk to a trainer. It is important to know in advance if you are up for the challenge.

Picture sent by Magdalena with her Caucasian Shepherd Nikolas in Czech Republic

4. Do you match the Caucasian Shepherd’s personality?

When they are thinking about getting a dog, future dog owners should choose a breed that can match their own level of energy and personality style. In the case of the Caucasian Shepherd dog breed, there is a mixture of gentleness and playfulness with strength and protective abilities. They are mid-range energy dogs, they are not great runners but they do require daily exercise. Walking or playing fetch is necessary.

They love taking care of children, so it is a perfect combination to have kids around your dog from an early age. However, you should pay attention with them around smaller animals, if the dog hasn’t been socialized with them from an early age.

So, from the Titans Family experience, it is essential that you cover each of the previous points if you want to be a good Caucasian Shepherd owner and make a great partnership between you, the people around you and your dog. Here is one of our videos in which we give a few more advice on how to be by your puppies side while he or she is growing.

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