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September 28, 2023

Why do people love Caucasian Shepherd dogs?

caucasian shepherd with kids

If you are a passionate dog lover who loves to cuddle with the lovely dogs you meet along one day’s walk, we are sure you can remember if a Caucasian Shepherd mountain dog crosses your path. People love Caucasian Shepherd dogs when they see them on the streets, they always want to either touch them or take pictures together. Here are some reasons why people love this breed so much.

1. They are big and beautiful

Large breeds are hard to pass by unnoticed and clearly the Caucasian Shepherd dog breed is one of the largest of them all. Ranging from 65 to 88 cm at the withers and weighing from 45 to 100 kilos (females are smaller than males and their dimensions also vary depending on the breeder), and having such a rich coating with many layers, they are indeed spectacular to look at. The shape and dimensions of the skull and bones can vary depending on the breeding line – there are some dogs with huge heads and large bones who look both fierce and amazingly friendly at the same time. Depending on the Caucasian Shepherd dog breeders, each owner who buys such a dog can choose if they prefer a larger specimen or one with an average dimension.

*The amazing Bear-Bear during a walk in the park. Ohio, USA.

2. They are rare

Because the Caucasian Mountain Shepherd is a large guard dog breed, they are indeed a rare sight on the street or in the cities. A Caucasian Shepherd puppy is more probable to be seen than an adult dog, as they are amazingly friendly and lovely to take out for walks. Most of the dog owners who buy such a large guard dog breed keep them in the space of their home and garden, rarely taking them out for walks, but the ones who do take them out have to go through a lot of social time and training so that the dog can have a strong connection with the owner and a lot of friendliness and understanding towards strangers. So it is normal that people love seeing such spectacular dogs on the streets, it is a rare occasion to witness such an amazing creature.

3. They have a strong but calm energy

Although they might look fierce and surely they are really strong, at the same time these dogs emanate a very calm and confident energy. It can be very satisfying to interact with such a dog, helping you to overcome a fear maybe or becoming more familiar with larger breeds, if you have experience only with smaller dog types. 

For new dog owners it is an amazing experience to go out for a walk with a Caucasian Shepherd dog, especially if it is a puppy. We have received many stories, pictures and videos from our clients, in which they are surrounded by people and children on the street, in the park or in a store, all wanting to interact with the huge bear-looking dog. Surely all these people love Caucasian Shepherd dogs and love a good opportunity to interact with them. However, the steps between loving them and owning them are quite a few and necessary to acknowledge.

*Female dog Reva being friendly in a pet store in Massachusetts, USA.

So, if you do love this breed and decide at some point that you want to own it, it is very important that you inform yourself for a while, ask for advice and talk to owners and breeders, to see if this type of dog is really the right match for you. We at the Titans Family have plenty of videos with information and tips about the breed on our channel, we always have Caucasian Shepherd dogs for sale and we are also available to chat if you have any questions!

*The pictures are courtesy of our dear clients, Caucasian Shepherd owners from the USA.

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