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Portos, the family junior

The Caucasian Shepherd, Male, 2014

The smallest member of our family is the puppy of Titan and Olga. It is a brave representative of the Caucasian Shepherd breed with physical traits inherited from its father. Although Titan instilled a bit of its calm and balance, the gene of its breed to which it belongs holds a strong point and it can sometimes give evidence of contempt. It has made itself noticed ever since it was small and it barely was a year old when it went against Titan in the competition for wining a female’s heart.

With a beautiful fur in shades of gray and brown and with a black mask as ebony , Portos impresses at first sight.

  • Name Portos De Bolintin-Deal
  • Mother Tskaro Ulchara (Olga)
  • Father Berkavkaz Cneaz Vostoka (Titan)
  • Color Tiger-spotted
  • Eyes Black
Photos of Portos