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February 14, 2018

Valentine’s day with your pet

Valentines day with dog

My Valentine? He/She is cute, amazing, athletic, with hazel eyes and loves long walks in parks or on the beach. What could you wish for? Yes, it’s about my dog!

February 14th comes with hurried steps and if you are lucky enough to share your life with a dog, you already have the most wonderful Valentine near you. Even if you have or not a human Valentine, your dog has been near you on your ups and downs, hence he/she deserves to feel spoiled. Why not dedicating this Valentine’s Day to our beloved?

Here are some ideas to have the most wonderful Valentine’s Day with your favorite pet:

1. Watch a movie together
Dogs love licking the tears from our cheeks. If you prefer spending the Valentine’s Day at home in pyjamas watching “The Notebook”, why not doing it with your companion? Or you can watch the “Hachiko” movie together to realize how luckily you are to have a pet. However, hugging your dog and sharing the popcorn, it is surely a moment that is worth cherishing.

2. Spoil your pet with a wonderful bath!
If your pet loves bathing time, this is the perfect moment to make its cravings! Throw a few rose petals into the water, pour some bubble bath for a serious foam, use a brush offering the most wonderful massage to your dog.

3. Having dinner together!
This will certainly be the long-awaited moment by your dog! Pizza, spaghetti, steak, it doesn’t matter, food to be! February 14th is the day we can allow them to stay at the table with us. We can put 2 plates, with tableware of course, and do not forget to light a heart shaped candle on the table. We have to create a romantic atmosphere, right? After we have finished preparing the meal, we can order a pizza for us, and for the pet, we can open a delicious canned meat and it can eat it all! It will be the most wonderful moment of the day!

4. Go shopping
You can choose to walk your pet into a pet hypermarket! You can buy everything it wants. Dog food, meats, bones, dessert for dogs even a bottle of beer for them (they certainly won’t forget this wonderful day). Do not forget of clothes, slippers, shampoos and toys. Hmmm, how beautiful the life of a dog is! It just raises one paw and then, like magic, it gets what it wants.