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December 2, 2020

Bathing a Caucasian Shepherd

Should we pamper our dog as much as we pamper a child? Well, when it comes to attention, play and time spent together, yes we should. When it comes to cleaning, bathing and feeding all sorts of treats then the answer is no.

Dogs and especially shepherd dogs do well with a simple life and do not require the type of beauty pampering that we are accustomed to or which we might serve to a small breed dog such as bichon or shih-tzu. Caucasian Shepherds do not need regular shampoo bathing as their coats have a very efficient self-cleaning mechanism but they do love to play with water as much as possible.

Bathing vs grooming

As Caucasian Mountain dogs keep their strong guard dog instinct, their ideal environment is outside in a yard or better, in the mountainside near sheep. Their natural way of being makes it very easy for them to get dirty and clean up by themselves afterwards. However, if you have a Caucasian Shepherd and keep him with you in the house, it is good to attend the hygiene part as balanced as possible. 

Grooming your dog is the ideal way of keeping its fur clean, using a special brush for thick coats bought from your pet store. Doing this twice a week or even more often, as you consider, helps your dog’s coat keep healthy, clean and you prevent less hair from going around your house and furniture.

Bathing a dog brings more downsides then benefits, as their skin secrets a specific oil that keeps the coat clean and the skin protected. Using chemical products and soaps on the dog regularly will bring imbalances in the natural mechanism of the skin. This way the dog can be prone to skin diseases or fungus more easily. 

If there are extreme cases when your dog gets really stinky because of something he rolled over in, of course you can wash him with a natural soap or a professional shampoo for dogs.

Fun with water

Other than that, better than a dog bath is the passion of the Caucasian Ovcharka for playing with water, especially during summer when it is really hot. If you have your dog out in the yard, you can provide to him or her a bucket of water and you will see how much joy it will bring. They love to sink their paws in water and have fun with a little splash.

If it is rainy and puddles of water are formed, be sure that your furry friend will sink right in with no remorse. You needn’t worry about them getting full of mud, it’s healthy and the next day they will be cleaner than you would imagine.

There is one unforgettable female pup from our kennel, Maggie, daughter of Ken and Bella, who was particularly fond of water, taking small baths in every bucket or pot she would find. Even when she was transported to England to her new owners, when she was given bowls of water to drink, she would sink her front paws into them. 

If you have a river or a lake nearby, you can take your Caucasian buddy there for some fun in the water from time to time. Once they get past the initial feeling of doubt and they get accustomed with the water, they can stay and play in water for ages. 

So in conclusion, bathing a Caucasian Shepherd is not necessary and not recommended, being replaced by regular grooming. Having fun with water is a different story and your furry pals will surely enjoy that in the warm season.

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