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June 16, 2017

Why take a Caucasian Shepherd?

caucasian shepherd breed

If you are among large dogs lovers, buying a dog from Caucasian Shepherd breed should be included, certainly among your options. Although it is a dog whose size and aggressiveness can arouse fear at first, the Caucasian Shepherd may prove to be a loving and affectionate dog with the members of the family in which it grows.

Before seeing the reasons why a Caucasian Shepherd deserves to become part of your family and the best pet friend, we should mention that not everyone can own such a quadruped. The Caucasian Shepherd is not any dog. It is a dog that needs special attention and that needs freedom of movement and a space in which it can move freely. It loves open spaces in which it can patrol and run, so it is not appropriate for such dog to be brought up in an apartment. You must be prepared to make some changes in your lifestyle, whether you want to take such a dog for company, security or to participate in exhibitions and competitions.

Altogether, it is a dog that can get you out of the daily routine, which gets attached easily to its master and which exudes downright infectious positive energy. The time spent with it represents relaxing moments and a true haven from the daily cares and stress. They say that if you own a Caucasian Shepherd, you own a part of nature. For a dedicated breeder of this breed that loves the protective, instinctive and independent nature of the dog and has the time and resources needed to grow and train it properly, the Caucasian Shepherd is indeed a captivating canine companion. Loyal and loving, the Caucasian Shepherd appreciates the company of its master and is always willing to defend him in any situation, as all dogs belonging to this breed have done for centuries.

The Caucasian Shepherd breed is suitable for those who want a reliable watchdog, on which they can rely in all circumstances, but also for those who want to invest in breeding up a dog worthy to be admired in national and international competitions and exhibitions.

Find out more about the Caucasian Shepherd breed and this breed characteristics, and if this breed captivated you and you want to take a Caucasian Shepherd contact us via a private message.

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