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March 21, 2018

What to do in case of a snake-bite ?

Dog bitten by snake

We are all frightened of some less loving creatures, but the one that is the most dangerous and cunning of all is the snake. Poisonous or not, the thought of being bitten by a snake is terrifying. However, those who are more prone to snake bites, are the ones who defend and protect us: our beloved dogs.

How can we realize if our dog has been bitten?

There are some symptoms that may appear such as:

    Unusual bruises around red spots on the skin;
    Unusual swellings;
    So weakness (especially in the posterior feet);
    Difficulty in walking;
    Heavy breathing;
    Dilated pupils;
    Excessive drooling;
    Blood in the urine;
    A cough;
    Pale or blue gums;

What to do after noticing these symptoms at Caucasian Shepherds?

Firstly, we ought to keep our dog calm and still as far as possible.

The snake venom is spread through the lymphatic system, so the limitation of movement is essential for slowing the spread of venom in the body. We shouldn’t allow our dog to walk, but it must be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

Applying a bandage
The bandage helps in applying firm pressure and immobilize the limbs. For face bites, apply hand pressure. Never cut the wound or try to suck the venom out, there are potentially dangerous and unproven practices.

Try identifying the snake if possible.
Note! Keep in mind the color, the size or any other particular, distinctive sign that may help identify, selecting a suitable antivenom.

Take the puppy to the vet immediately!
This is the most important step. The dogs that are brought to the vet quickly after a bite have more chances to survive. If possible, call the vet in advance, so that he/she could prepare everything necessary for your arrival.

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