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May 27, 2020

The Caucasian Mountain Dog – Male vs female – What to choose?

Caucasian Shepherds Family Members

The process of decision and preparation before getting a dog is a delicate and important moment for the future owners, as they need to pay close attention to their needs and expectations regarding the new family member they are about to receive. If you decide to get a Caucasian Shepherd puppy as a result of your research, then the next question might be if it is better to be a female or a male. We are here to offer some perspectives on this so you lighten up your decision.

Size and appearance 

The Caucasian Mountain dog male and female individuals differ in size and appearance, as in most of the breeds, the male being larger and more massive and the female a bit smaller and gentler in her gait. The general appearance of the Caucasian dog is big-boned and muscular, the standards of the breed in what concerns height at the withers being for males 72-75 cm with a minimum of 68 cm and for females 67-70 cm with a minimum of 64. The weight in males starts from 50 kg and goes up to 100 and in males it ranges from 45 to 80, depending on the activity they have, their diet and also slightly variable genetic traits of size.

Behavior and personality 

The Caucasian Shepherd dog temperament is similar to the other breeds of dogs in what concerns the differences between male vs female, which means that the male will be inherently more dominant and aggressive than the female. Both of them share the same shepherd dog characteristics, which guide them to be protective dogs, very loyal to their family and territory. Males tend to tap more into the powerful, dominant side than females, which is normal to these polarities in most of the species on this planet.

Because of their powerful features, males generally tend to be a bit more stubborn than females, so it is easier to work with female dogs, especially if you are a novice with dogs. You should consider a female if you decide to get a Caucasian Ovcharka as your first dog, as they will be gentler and more receptive in their training, more willing to cooperate than a male. But of course that it depends on what you want and how available you are to learn how to work with a dog, a male can be a great teacher of discipline and attention.


When you consider getting a male or a female dog , be it Caucasian Shepherd or any other breed, of course that the hormonal part of mating is an important aspect. If you decide for a female you should know about her heat cycles, which in case of the Caucasian mountain dog is two times per year or once every 6-8 months. You should also inform yourself regarding the practice of spaying a female, its advantages and disadvantages and if you decide to breed her or not. There are no other differences in what concerns health between Caucasian mountain dog males and females.

Owner’s preferences and needs

What we mentioned earlier has, of course, variations and exceptions. There can be females that are more dominant and protective than males and there can be male dogs that can be really gentle and caring. It is very important for the future owner to have in mind what he or she wants from a dog and have a discussion with the breeder so that he can recommend a Caucasian puppy according to these criteria. 

After the selection process, of course that the puppy becomes part of the family and it will adapt to the style and emotional needs of its owners. This means that dogs can become more attached, more affectionate or more distant depending on the emotional lifestyle of the family it is a part of. So a Caucasian Ovcharka will become a blend between its ancestral bloodline characteristics and the owners’ personality. 

It is important to realize that dogs are sensitive creatures and as much as you pay attention to their needs and observe the way they are communicating with you, there will be many precious lessons that they will teach you. 

In our Titans Family kennel we pay attention at the needs of the owner and we spend some time with the initial discussions, recommending the most suitable puppies. The owners are very grateful for that and send us pictures with the growing pup after his or her integration in the family.  

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