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July 19, 2017

Caucasian Shepherd Training

caucasian shepherd training

Patience, perseverance and calm, the essential qualities of a Caucasian Shepherd breed dog breeder. The Caucasian Shepherd is a dog you can get along with very well easily, but the basic training, the growth in a harmonious environment from an early age and constant socialization are essential. Dogs see the family in which they grow as a community with well established social positions, led by a leader. If it feels that the leader is missing, it finds itself in a position to take over this position. For the successful growth and training of a Caucasian Shepherd the owner has to assume and always maintain the alpha leading position, and the dog must learn to gain confidence in the decisions the leader takes. It should also be rewarded every time for positive behaviour, an action that makes it easier to accept the leadership of the master and trust in him.

A first step in puppy socialization is learning simple, but important habits. It is important to feel comfortable when it is held on a leash, when its master makes it a bath or when the master touches its food. In general, the Caucasian Shepherd sees the world in a suspicious manner, so each interaction with the world must be as pleasant as possible. Puppies must socialize outside the environment in which they grow and be removed from the yard at least twice a week to deal with situations as varied as possible. New situations and also socialization with people from the family and outside the family make it more malleable and less violent when it feels threatened or when its territory is trespassed.

The Caucasian Shepherd breed dogs are intelligent and learn quickly, even if sometimes they can become stubborn and difficult to master. These are dogs that think and calculate their actions, but which can react violently under stress.

Before teaching it the basic commands it is important to establish a close emotional relationship between the dog and the owner. Among the main dog training commands to be learned are: sit, stay, wait, here, step, no / you are not allowed. The training period is on average of four to five months, and exercises should be based on its main features: aggression and territory protection. Even though it responded well during training, its reactions should not be underestimated. Keep your tone of voice firm, determined and inflexible, your calmness and patience.

Although in need of constant training, conducted with patience, a Caucasian Shepherd dog can become the best friend of its master. This innate guard is a reliable friend in any situation and at the times when it reacts violently the master is the only one that can appease it.

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