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Titan, the head of the family

Titan Caucasian Shepherd Champion with his owner

Aged six, Titan became one of the most renowned Caucasian Shepherd worldwide, its beauty and imposing presence being recognized in dozens of competitions in the country and abroad. Not infrequently, it turned glances of wonder and posed confidently with tourists on the streets of Milan or Zandhoven (Belgium). Raised in the bosom of our family…   Continue

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Adda, the Alfa female


She is a very elegant and active female, who does not accept strangers around. She is very obedient with her owners and their family, and she also has a highly developed guardian instinct. In the same time she is a special mother, very careful with her puppies, a gorgeous female with almond-shaped eyes. Adda originates…   Continue

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Ken the proud

A very-deep chested male dog, elegant and proud. A male that demands and commands respect, always fighting for the alfa position. A dog that pursues domination and control over its territory. A dog that that is very attached and obedient to his owners, acting instantly after receiving a command. In the presence of his owners…   Continue

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Portos, the family junior

Caucasian Shepherd puppy

The smallest member of our family is the puppy of Titan and Olga. It is a brave representative of the Caucasian Shepherd breed with physical traits inherited from its father. Although Titan instilled a bit of its calm and balance, the gene of its breed to which it belongs holds a strong point and it…   Continue

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Shiba, the vigilant

Shiba Caucasian Shepherd Titans Family

A powerful female, very tall and robust. She is highly sociable, both with people and with other dogs – or other animals – around her. She is strong just as she is quite, obedient and playful, and her favorite time of the day is when she gets attention and a huuuge meal. Shiba has won…   Continue

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Bela, the Countess

A female with a highly-developed protective instinct, especially when other animals or other intruders are involved. She shows a very gentle and obedient conduct with family members, however she is especially aggressive with other dogs and always willing to be in control. She is strong, showing perfect autonomy and an elegant gait. She is a…   Continue

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