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October 4, 2017

Caucasian Shepherd shedding

Shedding with a Caucasian Shepherd

We all know that shedding is a real problem with dogs, especially if you have a Caucasian Shepherd.

There is a certain period during the year, more exactly spring, when our little ball of fur remains…furless.

After a cold winter, the Caucasian Shepherd decides to let go of the winter jacket that kept it warm during the winter and adopt a lighter attire, more specifically a coat made of less fur. You see that people are just like us, humans? When the sun is more present on the sky, the day gets longer and the temperature warmer, spring has arrived and it’s time we got rid of the thick, winter clothes and wear more comfortable, summer clothes.

However, we all know this is not the most pleasant moment for us, as we feel invaded by little balls of fur.

Why do dogs shed?

First of all, shedding is a physiological process of replacing fur when dogs pass from one season to another, caused by the fall of dead hairs to allow the growth of new ones, just like in our case. The periods for this to happen are spring and autumn. In spring, shedding is more abundant and takes longer, because the fur is denser, is made up of hair and secondary hair. This secondary hair is shorter and softer than usual hair. During shedding, it is the secondary hair that changes, in winter being denser and in summer rarer, which is why shedding is more spectacular and quantitative in spring. The shedding process normally lasts for three weeks, when the color and aspect of the hair change. The two shedding periods also apply to the Caucasian Shepherd, because they are outdoor dogs. Apartment dogs can shed their fur several times a year, at completely random periods, because they do not resent the temperature changes from the environment.

How can we help shedding dogs?

The shedding period is our greatest enemy, for us and for our friends. To make it easier for both of us, we need to take more care of grooming. Brushing and combing should be performed regularly. The more hair we remove, the less hair we will have in the house and in the yard. In case of the Caucasian Shephard, we need to use a comb with rare teeth to untangle the hair, then a thicker one, followed by a brush with long hairs. In other words, it is a true ritual! If you find tufts of hair, cut them using a pair of scissors or a special brush for tangled hair; don’t pull the tufts, you will inflict pain to the animal. Don’t forget the bath! The dog could be bathed in a first stage of shedding to remove a large part of falling hair. Use a special shampoo for the hair type of your little bear.

Most likely brushing will not be that pleasant for the dog, but here’s where you play a part. Yes, you! Give rewards and don’t stop praising. Click here if you want to read more on training a Caucasian Shephard or on How to socialize with a Caucasian Shepherd.

Our souls fill with joy when we see the happiness in our dogs’ eyes, so don’t let the annoying tufts of hair ruin this moment.

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