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August 18, 2020

Goliath Kennel and our visit to the Philippines

Back in 2016 we had a very nice interaction with a Caucasian Ovcharka and Alaskan Malamut international kennel from Philippines that facilitated our travel to this beautiful country. Goliath Kennel is their name and we’ve been partner kennels ever since. Let’s see a bit about this story!

They loved our big dogs

In early spring 2016 we were contacted by Kim and Gino from Philippines, they wanted to buy Caucasian puppies from us to add to their kennel. They had heard about our Titans’ lines of blood and enjoyed the large appearance of our dogs, so they initially bought three pups. After they got these three, they liked them so much that they wanted more, so we said to ourselves, why not go there to visit, with one of the pups?

This is how our travel to Philippines started, after a long procedure of documentation for the necessary papers for travelling with a puppy. When we got there we were really pleasantly surprised by a warm welcome from Kim, Gino and the rest of the Goliath family.

One of the females, Pusha

We exchanged experiences

We spent quality time with the people there and found out about their ways of raising the Malamutes and the Caucasians. We participated in dog shows and talked to different local breeders, trainers and vets. It was a rich journey, full of experiences and a good exchange between the Romanian kennel and the Filipino kennel.

The exchange we made was important for them, as their Caucasian Shepherds were from very different lines of blood and they wanted to develop the large and imposing characteristics of our lines of blood. Being in Romania, close to Russia, our kennel was always privileged to have some of the best looking dogs from this breed. We are happy for spreading beautiful and strong dogs to such different areas of the world.

Great dogs are passed forward

In time, the Goliath international dog kennel bought even more Caucasian puppies from the Titans Family and as they grew up they started to breed them. So now if you go to the Philippines and you think about getting a dog, you will find there great looking Caucasian Shepherds as well as some amazing Alaskan Malamutes.

We really enjoy this type of travel and exchange kind of experiences and hope to multiply them in the future! Titans Family is really grateful to the guys and Goliath for their openness and the hospitality they received us with.

Laurentiu and Pusha

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