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August 2, 2017

How much is a Caucasian Shepherd puppy?

caucasian shepherd price

Tall, intelligent, strong the Caucasian Shepherd is one of the most appreciated large dogs. For years, its role has been to protect, which account for its strong instinct and now it has become one of the most famous breeds for the dedication it shows in protecting its owner and its environment. Although at first sight, it might seem tempting to own a Caucasian Shepherd, they are not for everybody. They can develop an assertive and aggressive behavior and they need time, patience and commitment from their owners to learn how to socialize, integrate and become part of a family. Beyond these essential aspects related to the behavior of a Caucasian Shepherd, owning one involves significant costs. The price of a puppy or an adult dog varies and largely depends on factors such as the breeder’s country of origin, size, age and origins of the puppy, popularity of the breed, its mother’s or father’s reputation. And that because the puppy’s behavior is closely connected to the way their parents behave, how healthy they are, their temperament and their education. This is just one of the dozen of reasons for which you need the help of a breeder if you want to purchase a Caucasian Shepherd. Not only do you want to make sure that the puppy you are buying is of pure breed, but you might also get all the information and advice related to its growth and education. Prior to any buying decision, look for respectable kennels and breeders and do not trust in random ads found on the internet.

For over 15 years, our kennel has been under the effigy of the International Canine Federation (ICF) and has been delivering Caucasian Shepherd puppies all over the world. What recommends us is the passion for this breed and the love with which we raise every puppy.We have created an environment in which puppies grow harmoniously and can develop their natural instincts while learning how to be sociable, docile and loving.

Find out more about our kennel and get to know our Titans. For more information on purchasing a Caucasian Shepherd puppy, contact us at +40 721 001 556.

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