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April 2, 2018

The story of the giant Ares, the biggest Caucasian Shepherd arrived in Africa

Last days we were looking at some older photo albums and so we remembered Ares. You may not know him, but because he is a particular specimen, we decided to write an article about his story and how, after long adventures, he arrived in Africa. Ares was born in our kennel, his parents being Titan and Fenia de Bolintin-Deal. At only one year and a few months, Ares exceeded the size of his father (that, by the way, is also a giant dog), which truly makes it a rare specimen. He is one of the biggest Caucasian Shepherds, reaching 90 cm (35,5 inches) from ground to withers. But, besides his stunning stature, Ares has other qualities. He is active, behaviorally balanced, friendly around his master and always ready to defend him in case of a potential danger.
Being more than stunning, Ares has gained many fans, from different corners of the world, therefore more people showed their interest for him. Romaric, a sympathetic guy from Africa, has insistently contacted and convinced us that if we sent Ares to Ghana, he would be in good hands. All right here, but a truly problem was his giant size, since no Romanian airline could carry him, and the cage that we had to build exceeded the size of the airplane’s door.

We have contacted pet shippers, all around Europe, from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, to Germany and even Great Britain. The only good news came from a pet shipper in Czech, only he could manage such a shipping. After setting the main details, the special crate in which Ares would leave was built in the Czech Republic, with the following dimensions: 150 x 80 x 110 cm (length x width x height). Justing apart, it was a real challenge for both us and the airline.

Another challenge for us was to bring the dog from Romania to the Czech Republic. The best solution was to travel about 1300 km by car. That allowed us to take Ares even a companion, a puppy of only a few months, to accompany him to Prague.

The show just started when we arrived at Prague International Airport, where we had to meet with the carrier. All the people, including the staff at the airport, were amazed, photographed, and wondering about his breed. In other words, Ares felt like a true star. Then the time came when we had to say goodbye. We have hardly separated, but we knew that Ares would have a life at least as good as before.

Then, being in Prague and finished fast enough at the airport, still on daytime, we decided to visit Nikolas De Bolintin-Deal, another Caucasian Shepherd male from our kennel living on the outskirts of the Prague city. Nikolas is seven months older than Ares, also from Titan, but from another mother named Sasha. He is a special male too, this time not because of its size but because of its unique color, unique indeed I could say, a yellow hue. This is the reason why he was chosen by his owner, Magdalena, who also owned a female with a similar color. Nikolas was very glad at seeing us, being a loving and playful male with a gentle character.

The next morning we set out to Romania, and during this time we received news from Romaric that Ares had arrived safely. Romaric took into account our advice and came up with a spacious enough Jeep to carry Ares, but the funniest part was when he told us that he had not expected not to be able to take him in the Jeep and that he had to come with a truck. It was a nice collaboration with Romaric and we are glad that his whole family was delighted with Ares, including his three years old son, but also his neighbors who enjoy and marvel every time Romaric takes Ares for a walk.

We still keep in touch with Romaric, and Ares is very good even though for the moment he has been moved to the neighboring country, Burkina Faso, to Romaric’s parents because he has a job that does not allow him to spend a lot of time with Ares, but even there he enjoys the attention that any star should receive.

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