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July 4, 2017

Titans Family (De Bolintin Kennel) recognized worldwide

Titans Family kennel

Are you curious to know how the Titans Family kennel story started? The passion for this breed always urged us to help preserve its unique characteristics, to grow healthy dogs and make it known throughout the world. I gained thorough knowledge about the specificity of the breed, the manner in which dogs have to be bred and trained, from birth to adulthood and how to adapt and respond to their unique behavior. Although we started by importing dogs from recognized countries to raise the Caucasian Shepherd breed, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Russia, we have sought to make the selections needed to improve the breed and create De Bolintin Caucasian Shepherd dogs.

The dogs that I grew up in the kennel became known worldwide thanks to the awards and qualifications obtained at exhibitions and competitions, which brought us a significant recognition and attracted partnerships with breeders and enthusiasts around the world. De Bolintin male and female became the parents of true champions, with remarkable results at the exhibitions attended.


So far, we have managed to make dozens of happy customers over the years and deliver healthy dogs everywhere in the world: in the UK, Bulgaria, Poland and even to the United States, Kenya and the Philippines. All dogs were transported in the best conditions, in safety conditions and on the dates agreed with the customer.

Among the happy customers at Titans Family kennel, we have Kim Carvajal, owner of Goliath kennel in the Philippines. Much of the kennel dogs are provided by us, Pusha and Travis managing to impress and win numerous prizes in Filipino contests.

Faya, one of the offspring of Olga and of a male champion in Poland, managed to become a real presence in Chile, where it participated in various competitions and achieved the best results. Titan is the father of some outstanding puppies, including Hank, from Italy, Nikolas, aged three from the Czech Republic, Zorro, from Belgium and Oskar and Joker from Germany.

We keep close contact with all our customers, and many of them became our friends. We share the same passion, the experiences we have with our dogs, but also information that helps us improve the Caucasian shepherd breed more and more.

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