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January 8, 2018

5 Reasons to choose a dog breeder – Caucasian Shepherd

caucasian shepherd breeder

Are you looking for a Caucasian Shepherd puppy? Choosing a breeder is the first and most important step. Here are 5 reasons for which you should choose an authorized breeder if you want a healthy and beautiful Caucasian Shepherd puppy:

1. You will know how to raise the dog
First of all, the breeder has known the puppy from day one and is familiar with its parents and temperament it inherited. The breeder will give you details on its education, health issues, things the dog likes and the way it reacts in certain situations. Thus, once you get the dog home, you will have control over its education and, more importantly, you will be sure you do the right thing so that it integrates quickly in its new family.

2. You know your puppy’s parents
When it comes about a Caucasian Shepherd, the temperament is inherited from generation to generation and the puppy borrows a large part of its parents and grandparents’ behavior. It is important to know how they behaved along their life and also which are their physical traits. If you visit the kennel where they were raised or contact the breeder directly, you can ask for details and pictures with the puppy’s parents.

3. You will make sure the puppy enjoyed a healthy education
The Caucasian Shepherd is a temperamental, distrustful and violent dog. If the puppy failed to have a stable environment, proper socializing and training, its behavior can be influenced by its past experiences. When you buy it directly from the breeder, you eliminate any doubt regarding its past and, more than that, you can ask for advice related to its education.

4. You encourage the responsible breeding of the Caucasian Shepherd
There are dozens of so-called breeders who try to sell puppies of a not so pure breed. On the other hand, genuine breeders are proud of the dogs they raise. They invest time and financial resources in searching the parents and grandparents, to give birth to the best puppies.

5. You can receive all sorts of information on the Caucasian Shepherd breed
Raising a pedigree dog involves a lot of work, time and money and studying the breed in detail is essential for understanding the dogs’ behavior, the way they need to be raised and how they interact.An experienced breeder can give you detailed information on the Caucasian Shepherd. Furthermore, you can keep in contact with them after you bought the puppy and they can help you anytime you need advice.

The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the dogs that require increased attention from its owners. It needs constant communication and a friendly environment to grow up harmoniously. Our kennel has had a 20 years’ experience in raising Caucasian Shepherd dogs and in the course of time, we had beautiful, healthy puppies from well-known parents, with awards at international contests. You can find out about our story here and, if you want more information on the Caucasian Shepherd puppies we have for sale, you can contact us at +40 721 001 556.

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