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September 5, 2017

About the Caucasian Shepherd’s Fear of Noises

Caucasian Shephard’s fear of noises

Cold has set in fast and the wonderful winter holidays are coming. We are waiting for the merry carolers who will fill our souls with happiness and kindness. Let’s not forget New Year’s Eve, when the sky is full of very beautiful and…noisy fireworks. Beside the winter cold, to which some dogs are very sensitive, our beloved friends also have a problem with loud noises, as they are frightening not for our Caucasian Shepherd, but for all puppies.

Dogs living in yards are most affected but this problem is often encountered with more sensitive apartment dogs. Common reactions in this case include symptoms such as trembling, and occasionally with anxious dogs there can appear destructive behaviors, such as persistent and obsessive scratching on the door to be let in. Some dogs tend to hide in their dog houses or under other objects, to feel safe.

But don’t worry too much. We can alleviate their fear of loud noises by means of a longer than usual walk, as the dog will be exhausted and somewhat will forget about the fear by trying to get some sleep. It is recommended we distracted their attention by games and comfort them by smooth talking. It is also very important to make sure they have a hiding place in this period of time.
Our first impulse to calm our frightened dog is to pet or pamper it. These actions are not recommended, however, because their unwanted behavior can get worse; when they need increased attention, they may start to blackmail you by showing an exaggerated fear.


Never punish a dog if it experiences a panic attack! The dog will associate the punishment with the noises and its fear will get even worse. It is important to socialize with your dog.

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