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August 11, 2020

How to recognize a purebred Caucasian Shepherd

Very often we are asked by different people if they can recognize in a dog if it is a purebred Caucasian Shepherd or not. It is quite hard to do that if you do not have details about the dog’s history and you don’t have too much experience with this breed and how it looks like. Let’s see more about this.

When it comes to choosing the best suited dog that will become part of the family and join you for the following years, choosing wisely the breed and breeder is an important coordinate. You should take some time to investigate the benefits of having a dog from an experienced dog breeder and how that translates into behavior, health and logistics.

Checking the dog’s pedigree and history

We strongly recommend when buying any breed of dogs that you connect with an experienced breeder. It’s a healthy and respectful way to carry the breed forward properly. Any official breeder belongs to the national kennel club of his country, so you can always check that there. There is also the International Canine Kennel Club that organizes all sorts of competitions, you can find breeders there also.

When you buy your new Caucasian Shepherd pup, you will receive a certificate that contains its pedigree and details about its parents. The name written in the certificate for the Caucasian breed, as it is a Russian breed, will be “Kavkazskaja Ovcharka”. You can ask for extra details about more generations from which your dog descends if you want to find out even more. 

We often take our Titans to competitions, so they receive different marks in their pedigree. When taking a dog to a contest, specialists will estimate the characteristics of the dog, how it matches the breed standard and also its behavior and response to training. So after your Caucasian puppy matures, we strongly recommend that you try out taking him or her to a canine competition, to get evaluated, to socialize and of course, to have lots of fun together.

Researching the breed and recognizing the features

Of course that you can also do your own research, check out the Caucasian Shepherd breed standards, look at pictures, watch videos, visit kennels and so on. You can do your best to see how a purebred Caucasian Mountain dog looks like if you want “the real deal”.

You should pay attention at the size and shape of the head and muzzle, at its overall constitution, its weight and the size of its paws. Check out more specific breed characteristics on the United Kennel Club website

So these are the things you can do if you want to recognize a purebred Caucasian Shepherd. You can take some time to read more about our Titans on our website, watch nice photos on instagram and check out some cool videos on youtube. Enjoy!

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