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August 15, 2017

Socializing with the Caucasian Shepherd puppy

socializing Caucasian Shepherd

Most of the habits and customs of the dog are formed in the first year of life and in the case of Caucasian Shepherd dogs socializing is even more important, as they need increased attention. If you consider buying a puppy, find out about the first steps in socializing with it.

When the small Shepard becomes the new member of the family, it is important for them to get used to the environment, with the various sounds, images, other animals in the yard and, more importantly, with all the members of the family. If the puppy growls at a person or an object, do not pet it or take it in your arms. It will see this gesture as a reward and it will intensify its behavior. From here to biting there is only one step. This can be one of the situations when you should make it understand you are the master and assert yourself in front of it. Say “no” confidently and show it that there is no reason it should be afraid of.

The Caucasian Shepherd is a dog which loves playing outside, running in the yard and feeling free. Show it the yard, the surroundings and give it time to discover and get used to everything that is around it. Once it gets comfortable with the members of the family, take it out in the yard and walk it around. It is important for it to socialize not only with other people but with other dogs, as well. You need to take care, however, of the way it reacts. Distrust against strangers is a natural instinct that may show up when you least expect it and, most of the times, the Caucasian Shepherd tends to show its aggression and superiority towards other dogs. Be cautious, especially in the presence of small dogs and correct it every time it reacts violently.

The first three months of this process are crucial. You should understand and teach it how to behave not only inside the yard but outside it as well. Once the socializing skills have been developed, it will start being more confident and less suspicious about what’s happening around it. Find out more information on how to train a Caucasian Shepherd.

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