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May 6, 2021

Caucasian Ovcharkas and Tibetan Mastiffs – Titans Family extends with a new breed

Dear giant breed dog lovers, we are happy to announce the beginning of a new direction in our dog breeding journey with the amazing Tibetan Mastiff breed. We have been observing this breed for a while and it has always brought feelings of awe and admiration from our side, so we decided to follow our passion and get some Tibetan Mastiff puppies

How we came up with the idea

Throughout the years we frequently participated with our Caucasian Shepherds in dog shows and competitions and we had the opportunity to observe many dog breeds. The Tibetan Mastiffs were always imposing, extremely beautiful and fascinating in their attitude. We’ve always admired them and felt their similar roots of guard dogs, as the Caucasian Shepherds are also. 

Also, there were clients who were somehow associating the two breeds and they were sometimes asking if we also breed Tibetan Mastiff purebred dogs. So we took it as a sign and realized we would love to give it a try!

Their Personality

The Tibetan Mastiff breed is also a guard dog breed and surely they have the same guard instinct for strangers who trespass their territory. At the same time they are really loving and close to their family members. They have quite an individual and proud attitude; we observed them for a while and saw that they mind their own business after some interaction with humans. Also, they are very inquisitive, curious and straightforward when they are puppies, needing a lot of attention, love and discipline so that they grow into well-behaved adults. 

We really enjoy their energy and their independent feeling.

Their Appearance

We must admit, the Mastiff dog has quite a spectacular appearance. The rich hair and mane makes them look similar to lions and of course that gives quite a strong feeling. We also love their colors and the rich texture of their fur. They are in ways similar to our beloved Caucasian Shepherds, although not as big in size, but still they are really beautiful looking dogs, making an impression wherever they show up.

Our Caucasian Shepherds and the Tibetan Mastiffs

After quite a while of research and getting familiar with the breed, we are happy to announce you that we have our first pups: three cheerful and playful Tibetan Mastiff boys that have joined our Titans Family. After quite some research and visits we connected to a Tibetan Mastiff breeder in Romania and he gave us the starting point.

Their warm colors and stubborn attitude are quite interesting to observe alongside our other pups. You will see in the videos how much fun you can have around such playful and assertive puppies and how nice the Caucasian Shepherds and the Tibetan Mastiffs get along with each other. 

You can check out our three males in the pictures, they are 5 months old and really eager to play and learn. Write to us to find out more details about the Tibetan Mastiff puppies price and shipping. 

We wish this journey to be a very fun and enriching one and we hope that these royal dogs will be accessible in their best shape and bloodline with our help. Stay tuned!

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