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April 25, 2018

The trash, dogs’ preffered place

Dogs and trash

All dog owners must have seen, at least once, a bad habbit specific of dogs nature: the playing in bad smelling materials. We still don’t know a suitable explanation, but according to some studies, they try to hide their smell and not to be spotted by other dogs. It seems that any trash, fecal materials or other less pleasant smelling materials, attracts the canin species as a magnet.

This unpleasant situation is hardly seen by the owner in case you are rarely used to bathe it (as it is recommended). If you bathe your dog more often, you will notice that after every bath, your dog insistently searches bad smelling places where to sit or play.

If you try to correct this habbit, you will fail, because this is perfectly normal for all dogs species. This instinct is too strong to be corrected through training.

There is only one solution: noticing what are the moments when it tends to search the bad smelling places and not letting it go there.

It is very useful to assure it knows the “come here” command. If it is used to respond to your call every time, you can make it forget its intention.

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