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February 25, 2018

Caucasian Shepherd Puppies Microchipping

Caucasian Shepherd Dog Microchipping

Even if we offer all our unconditioned lobe to our beloved animal, it happens that it falls in love with its much-dreamed of bride/groom and leave us without any note behind. We, the owners, remain upset and haunted by the thought that maybe we didn’t take good care of our pet. Besides, there is always the possibility your puppy gets kidnapped or hurt. Scientists have tried several identification methods but the one that offered the best results is microchipping. By this method, puppies owned by someone can be identified and returned to their loving homes.

What is the microchip?

A small “rice grain” introduced under the animal’s skin. The material it is made of is organic glass resistant to shocks or liquid and, most importantly, biocompatible with the body tissues. It contains a unique code that can be read by a veterinarian by means of a compatible scan. And, in case you are wondering, the chip doesn’t need a battery or charging.

It is very easy to place. The operation requires a special syringe, distributed with the chip. Basically, the dog doesn’t feel anything, really, as the pain is similar to a common injection. The implant is inserted between the shoulder blades, under the skin. A comforting thing: the microchip has an anti-migration system and will remain in place for the entire life of the animal. The microchipping kit contains several adhesive labels attached to the health certificate or passport.

After the microchipping process, the chip will be scanned and introduced in the database with the other identification data of the animal, such as age, race and medical history, as well as the owner’s contact data.

There are a series of very important benefits, such as:
1. The most important: the dog is protected against theft
2. We can identify it immediately and have it home in the shortest time
3. The operation is simple and painless
4. It is much easier for the veterinarian to access the medical history of each dog
5. Microchipping can be done at any age, provided the animal was vaccinated at least once.
6. The microchip is biologically inert, with no possibility of rejection by the body.

It is very important for the animal to be microchipped in order to leave the country. A dog cannot be taken abroad by any other person except for its owner, who will be checked in the database.

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