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June 14, 2021

How to take care of a pregnant Caucasian female dog

If you have decided to breed your female Caucasian Shepherd dog at least once, then you should be very considerate about this process, as it requires a lot of time, attention and energy. Let’s see together what taking care of a pregnant female implies.

Conscious breeding

First of all, you should be very aware of what you are doing when deciding to breed your female dog, asking for help from your breeder, as he is the best to give you suggestions regarding genetics and bloodlines. The male you are selecting for breeding should also have a pedigree so that you can trace the prospective health status of the future babies. No one wants to pass on genetic problems through their dogs, so the more carefully monitored the process, the better. 

Also, your dog should get a full veterinary check and all her vaccines and disinfestation schemes done before mating. It is important to make sure that you have a healthy female that in turn will carry healthy babies. Doing vaccines or applying anti-parasite substances while pregnant is not at all recommended for the health of the pups.

Patience and nurturing for the female dog

The dog pregnancy period takes approximately two months, between 55 and 70 days, according to each individual. In this period it is highly advised that your bitch receives the best attention she can get with high quality food, daily exercise and walks in the nature and close attention to any changes that might occur in her behavior. After her 5th week of pregnancy, it is advised to switch your dog to premium puppy food instead of her normal kibble, as it is more nutritious and she will need it more in this second period of the pregnancy.

Going to your local vet to monitor her pregnancy in these two months is a good idea, especially if you’ve never had pups before. You can also see the pups after 5 weeks of pregnancy through an x-ray, if you feel like monitoring the process the same as we humans do it. This helps in knowing how many pups to expect when your female gives birth and know if it is the case to ask for help from the doctor in case she stops delivering before all the pups are out.

You should also know that the process of giving birth will take quite some time, as each of the pups comes out after an interval of time when the contractions slow down and the female rests. So if you do not feel prepared for assisting your female in this, you should keep your vet close by and call him when the time comes.

Do not give medication to your female dog during her pregnancy unless your vet prescribes it. Anything extra in the female’s body might bring a future health problem to the newborn pups.

Providing a nesting space for the birth process and the pups

All animals prefer a hidden, comfortable space when giving birth, so make sure you provide such a nesting space for your female dog to give birth in. It should be guarded from the sun rays and equipped with clean cloth for her birthing process. Hay is also very comfortable if you live in the countryside.

You should observe your female and see the place she prefers to rest in mostly. Building a birthing facility in an area where she does not usually go will not be effective.

Then you should also take into consideration the space in which the pups will grow up and arrange it as an enclosure, safe from other animals or from bad weather. The pups have to be next to their mother until 8 months of age or even more if you don’t find enough new owners for them that quickly. 

Always keep your vet close by if this is your first litter and observe any possible changes in the female after giving birth. Other than that, you should be celebrating the new lives and enjoying the high level of love and cuteness happening in your home for at least a couple of months.

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