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January 5, 2021

How to prevent unwanted problems for your Caucasian Shepherd

There are some very precious pieces of advice we can pile up together in this article so that you are as ready as possible to become the proud and responsible owner of a Caucasian Shepherd dog. Our recommendations stand on around 20 years of experience of being around dog and raising them, observing them in every detail of their behavior. Here is what Titans Family recommends in order to prevent unwanted problems with your Caucasian Shepherd

Don’t overfeed your dog and let him rest after meals

Once they become adults, after the age of one and a half, there is a fixed ratio of food that is healthy and sufficient for your dog. Twice per day, according to your dog’s weight, the recommendations of the vet and the type of food you choose. You shouldn’t exaggerate with giving treats to your dog and neither with feeding him scraps from the table. Extra food might as well be toxic and make them overweight, which on the long term is not at all healthy.

Also, allowing some time to rest after eating is essential for a large breed dog, as they are prone to gastric torsion, also called stomach twisting. This can happen if the food is not digested and the dog makes sudden moves or body twists.

Don’t give him pork (and bones as a pup)

You should avoid entirely giving pork to your Caucasian mountain dog, because of several reasons. First of all, uncooked or undercooked pork can contain the trichinella parasites which cause the parasite infection called trichinosis. Also, even if the pork is well cooked, it has a high quantity of fat and it is not go well on the long term in a dog’s diet. Dogs should eat low fat meat such as beef, turkey or poultry.

Do not give bones to chew to young pups, but only when they become adults. You can give the adults beef large bones for chewing and supervise them while doing it.

Provide enough water 

If your four-legged pal lives outside in the yard it might happen that he or she enjoys playing with the pots of water, especially when little. They enjoy a good improvised bath in their drinking water pot. So you should pay attention to replace and refill the water so that they have plenty for drinking also.

Avoid plastic toys and objects

No matter if your pup stays inside the house or outside, in the garden, you should carefully pick his toys and objects that can be grabbed and chewed when left unsupervised. Up until they are around one year old the Caucasian Shepherd pups will have a pleasure on chewing whatever they can find, so be careful what you leave around the house or garden. Providing proper rubber toys is the best thing you can do for them at this age. If they get to chew something made of plastic, break small pieces of it and swallow them by mistake it can become serious, as plastic can get stuck in the intestines and only surgery can solve that.

Reinforce your fence

Another very useful prevention measure regards the fence of your yard or the one of the dog’s enclosure. It is important not to have a fence in which a puppy can get his head stuck, so do your best to change it and adapt it to a dog’s needs. Also, make sure that it is tall enough and well-grounded so that the dog cannot jump it or dig underneath it.

Add a signpost to your gate

Once your Caucasian pup reaches adulthood, of course that it will start doing what it knows best, which is to guard his family and territory. So it is important and also signaled by law to add a sign post that signals the presence of a guard dog in the yard, to prevent any unwanted accidents with people who want to get in. 

Socialize him from a young age

Also, one of the most important prevention measures for your Caucasian Shepherd dog is socialization. Imagine that your fluffy pup will turn into a giant powerful dog and the best thing you can do from an early age is to teach him to be around other people and other animals. Having a big, uncontrollable Caucasian Shepherd is one of the most unpleasant and dangerous things, as their instinct drives them to be very protective of their territory*. Take them out often, bring people to your house and have the pup around other animals from a small age if you want them to cohabitate. 

Avoid putting two dominant males together

If you already have a male dog in your household and you are planning to get a Caucasian Mountain Dog, you should consider getting a female. It is hard to keep together two alpha type males, as they instinctively need a hierarchy and they are prone to fighting for territory and females. One dominant male can live perfectly fine along with one or two females.

Pay attention at small children

If you have children smaller than 5, you should take into consideration the size of the Caucasian Shepherd. These dogs can become best friends and playmates for the children, but in their play they are unaware of their size and might think they are playing with other children. So make sure that when your Caucasian and your small children play, they are on a safe surface and also be close to watch them around. 

Take him out for walks but don’t overdo it

All dogs need some daily movement and exercise, so it is great if you take your dog out on a leash for a long daily walk. However, some people tend to exaggerate and push the dog to run more than it is designed to. This can damage the health on the dog on the long term. The Caucasian Shepherds are not designed to run long distances.

Put a muzzle to your dog

If your dog is one of a more protective and dominant lineage, then you should take extra prevention measures by making him wear a muzzle when you go out. The more time, training and socializing you do with your dog, the better. Until then, there is no harm done if the dog wears a safety muzzle when going out.

This was our list of prevention measures to keep your dog and everyone around safe. We compiled it after years of experiences with our Caucasian pups and adults and after many discussions with owners. Hope it will serve you well!

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Daniy' EL
February 12, 2021 at 10:04 pm


If I were to purchase a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka Mountain Pups from you … I have questions. 1) Do you have to clip the ears? I don’t want the ears clipped. 2) Do you have to neuter the male pup? I don’t want the pup to be neutered. 3) Do you clip the the claws? Which claws do you clip? 4) Do you already given them their vaccinations before arriving to me? 5) Can I choose the color of the pup? Thank you

March 17, 2021 at 1:53 pm

Dear Daniy, please write to us on our contact page or whatsapp number to get all the info you need.


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