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March 20, 2021

The arrival of your new Titans Family Caucasian puppy and how to prepare

We imagine that you must be very happy and enthusiastic about your new dog and we want to congratulate you for your choice! After 20+ years of dog breeding experience we know this breed so well that it all comes natural for us to give advice for new owners. In order to help you ease up your process for your first days of accommodation we compiled a set of simple and practical guidelines so that your pup receives the best welcoming to his new family.

1. The food transition is important when your pup first arrives. At Titans Family we give Royal Canin Giant Puppy to all of our pups and we recommend that you continue with this type of food at least for a while, until the puppy settles in. If you plan to change their food it is important to do it gradually, to avoid the risk of diarrhea. Also pay close attention at overfeeding them, especially while they are growing, as it might affect their healthy bone and muscular formation. You have the exact quantity of food to give your pup according to their age on the food packaging. 

2. On the very first day of arrival, your pup can be dehydrated after the long journey and he will have the tendency to drink lots of water. Give her water and food gradually, a bit every half an hour, and lots of time to adapt to the new environment.

3. If your puppy arrives before the age of three months, you can feed him or her three times per day. After three months until they are one year old, two meals per day are good and after one year of age, one meal per day is enough.

4. You can start feeding him raw meat only after the age of 6 months, by gradually introducing it to him. If you want to cook or boil the meat for the pup, then you can introduce it earlier also. Avoid pork in both cases. 

5. Make your home and yard puppy proof! Pay attention at the objects you leave around in the area where you keep your puppy, especially plastic objects. They want to chew a lot in their growing period and plastic is very dangerous to chew and swallow. Provide them proper puppy toys and treats instead.

6. According to the age your puppy has, you will receive him or her with a certain number of vaccines. You can ask us if he needs any other shot after arriving home and also we recommend you check him in to your local vet and he will know exactly how to advise you regarding the vaccination scheme

7. The pup doesn’t come with a leash and he is not trained to walk on a leash by us, as the pups spend their time with their parents in our home and garden in Giurgiu, Romanial. So you have the fun task to teach him that, by taking him out for walks, using treats, repetition and patience. 

8. Keep us posted with photos and videos during the pup’s growth period, so that we can trace its development process and give you feedback and advice if necessary. Also, it is such a pleasure for us to see how the puppies integrate in their new families and to share the pics in our Titans Family community, so please do share! 😀

Wish you guys the best life trip together!

Laurentiu, Alexandru & The Titans Family Team

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