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July 14, 2020

The Personality of the Caucasian Ovcharka

Knowing what to expect of the temperament and personality of your Caucasian Ovcharka is very important prior to making the final step of adding this four-legged companion to your family.  Each dog breed has specific character traits according to its history of breeding and the purposes for which it was used, so it is essential to know about these personality details and not guide yourself only by the appearance of the dog.

The Caucasian Shepherd dog temperament relates to its history: one of protecting and herding animals. The traits that have been genetically passed through generations involve a protective personality and herding instinct, which are very important to integrate and harmonize as part of a human family. In addition, as time passed by and these dogs started to become more beauty dogs and less guardians for sheep, their traits became more friendly and social. Read further on for more details.

Protective & dominant

It is crucial for any prospective owner to know what a guard dog temperament means, especially if they have had different breeds before and are accustomed with other types of temperament. The personality of the Caucasian Ovcharka spins around its instinctive need to guard and protect. They will be fierce and dangerous fighters when it comes to their territory and their family.

The personality of the Caucasian Ovcharka spins around its instinctive need to guard and protect.

Dog training classes are essential for the Caucasian Ovcharka puppy and its owner, for him to develop a firm and authoritarian relationship to the dog as it grows. A huge, adult guard dog which is not trained and whose owner doesn’t know how to communicate to can become dangerous, as they will instinctively defend their owner from anyone and anything.

Having these in mind, it is essential for the dog to be properly socialized from an early age so that it understands that he doesn’t need to protect his family and property from anyone or anything.

Titan, the wisest guard dog

If you are thinking whether to get a male or a female Caucasian, you should know that females are generally gentler and less stubborn than males, but they keep the same guarding instinct specific to the breed.

When it comes to sharing the household with other animals, they will keep their dominant instincts through their adulthood so if you want to share your space with more than one dog you should do your best to do it since an early age of the Caucasian Shepherd puppy.

Working dog

One other essential part of the shepherd temperament is their working dog history and instinct. They will instinctively want and need to do their job, just as other breeds of working dogs do the same, in different ways. For example, hunting dogs keep their hunting instincts and need to put them to work somehow, trying to hunt anything around them, starting from birds to toys you use to play with them.

In the case of the Caucasian Ovcharka, their work was the one of being a guard dog, so they will adapt this instinct to any circumstance they find themselves in. You will notice that they are on guard 24/7, even if the owner is around, paying attention at possible dangers no matter if they are relaxed.

They are on guard 24/7

This working dog instinct makes them quite independent dogs who prefer to mind their business rather than hang around and wait for his owner to give him something to do as other breeds do. This also extends to their training receptivity, making Caucasian Shepherds not the easiest to train dogs, needing a firm and clear attitude and an owner who knows how to assert himself or herself in front of the dog.

Friendly & gentle

Of course that there is also a loveable and relaxed side of the Caucasian Ovcharka dog’s personality that people appreciate them for. When they feel that there is nothing to protect they are the perfect play buddies, especially if they have plenty of interaction with their owners since they are puppies. They create a deep connection with their family and become best friends for the children they grow up with.

They create a deep connection with their family and become best friends for the children they grow up with.

Breeding history and owner’s personality

When buying a dog from a breeder, one of the biggest benefits is the fact that the breeders know details about the line of blood and the temperament of your potential dog’s ancestors. This way, he can advise you which dog would be more suitable for your specific needs and personality.

One good example from our Titan’s Family kennel is Rufus, son of Ken and Bella, who got to a family with two children in England. The parents asked especially for a very kind and loving dog that could deal with any kind of play or emotional tantrums of the children. We warmly recommended Rufus, knowing his lineage and history and growing with his father Ken, the most relaxed and non-aggressive dog of our kennel. So Rufus was a perfect match for this English family and immediately accommodated with the two children.

Another thing you should know and take as a fact is that any dog will take character traits from the owners’ personality, so in addition to all we previously mentioned, you should also acknowledge the moments when your dog is mirroring your behavior and understand it is a natural thing to happen.

Our friends from also point out in detail the traits and characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd breed, so if you want to dive in even deeper, check out their article too.

To conclude, knowing about the personality of the Caucasian Ovcharka is highly important before you decide to get one, because of their strength, dominant instinct and guarding dog genetics. They can be fierce protectors as well as loving companions.

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