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July 20, 2020

Should I own a Caucasian Shepherd dog?

If you are wondering whether you should own a Caucasian Shepherd dog or another type of dog, there are some basic characteristics that differentiate this breed from others which should help you make the decision. Its nature is one of being a guard dog and most of its behavior derives from that. Of course that this dog adapts to family life but its main instinct remains the one to protect its territory and flock.

So there are a few situations that life can bring you into which could benefit from the presence of such a large breed guard dog. Or you can just fall in love with the breed and adapt the pup to your lifestyle, taking into consideration and working with its instincts.

Do you feel the need for protection?

There are different circumstances in life that can lead people to feeling unsafe and benefiting from the presence of a guard dog. These relate mostly to trauma and anxiety, a certain event or series of events that can lead to a deep fear for one’s safety. A Caucasian mountain dog can be of great help, both on the guarding aspect, bringing feelings of safety, as well as creating a deep bond with its owner.

If you feel the need for protection, a Caucasian Russian dog will always do its job, only that you have to be very careful to teach him that he doesn’t have to protect you from anyone and anything. Having a balanced guard dog is very important and depends a lot on the social and training time you expose him to.

Bruno and Alexandru Duta

Do you own a large property?

Owning a large property is one of the best reasons for which people get guard dogs. These shepherd dogs will be always happy to do their job and stand on guard on their territory, so your yard and other animals will be surely safe.

Whether it is wild animals who come during the night looking for something to eat or burglars doing their thing, the massive presence and bark of the Caucasian shepherd dog will surely keep them away.

Are you in love with the breed?

There are also people who have a deep passion for this breed, unrelated with its guarding dog genetics. It might be that you grew up in the countryside where shepherd dogs where always around, guarding flocks of sheep. Or maybe you observed these dogs owned by someone you know and related to their personality so much that you decided you should get your own Caucasian Ovcharka.

The reasons can be varied, what is important is that you know what to expect from the personality of a large breed guard dog and how to properly raise the Caucasian Shepherd puppy so that he or she can become your best friend. Taking the dog to competitions and winning prizes can be one of the best rewards from such a dog.

To conclude, it is clear that there are some good reasons for owning a Caucasian shepherd which make different people bring such a large breed dog in their lives. If you fall into any of the above mentioned categories, then welcome to the Titans Family and to the world of this beautiful guardians!

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