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May 17, 2021

Prevent buying a puppy from a fraudulent dog breeder

This article is targeted mainly to the people who are looking to buy a new puppy and are looking around for breeders. It is important to pay close attention where you buy the puppy from, in order to prevent later inconvenience.

Unfortunately throughout time we have had people coming to us and saying that they have bought a puppy which proved to me a mix breed or something different than a Caucasian Shepherd dog. These events are indeed unhappy as when you get a puppy it will stay with you from ten to fifteen years and it is crucial that you get exactly the dog you were hoping for.

Here is what we recommend you do when you are searching to buy a Caucasian Shepherd puppy or any other breed actually, it applies to all breeders.

Research its appearance in advance

So if you decide for a Caucasian Shepherd dog, you should do a prior research of pictures and videos with the breed. You need to see puppies at different ages so that you get an image of how the pure breed should look like. When they are really small, their traits are not very well defined so puppies from different breeds can be confused. It is best that you get the best general image on the appearance of the breed and ask for constant pictures from the seller before you actually buy the puppy. Pay attention at distinctive details of the pup (such as spots on the fur or the shape of their ears) in the pictures so that you make sure they are showing you the same puppy.

Ask the breeders for live proof

After you find a breeder and see pictures of the puppies it is very important to keep close contact and ask for more pictures and videos. It is a very good idea to ask for pictures with the parents and also videos of both puppies and parents, to see their behavior and appearance more in detail.

You should also ask the breeders to call you and ask them all you need to know about the puppy and their history as breeders. If they accept on making a live video call so that you can see the dogs live that is the best proof you can get for them not being fraudulent dog breeders.

Don’t forget to ask them also for papers, purebred certificates of the parents and you can also ask for their dog kennel recognized certificate.

Ask for reference from the person you are buying from

Another very valuable proof that you are not discussing with a fraudulent dog breeder is asking for reference from other customers. You can ask them to put you in contact with other people who have bought puppies from them and of course that you can check their online presence where people can leave reviews.

Not all breeders have a good online presence and it might be that you do not find them on facebook or instagram. That does not mean they are not good breeders but indeed you need to double check their identity and feedback from other clients.

So if your breeder does not have an active website or social media pages you are clearly entitled to ask him for contact details from other people who bought puppies from them. Making videocalls and asking for plenty of info about the parents and grandparents is a must in this case.

Pricing can be tricky

A purebred Caucasian Shepherd puppy is scored quite high, reaching 5000 euros or even higher, depending on the litter and the country of shipment. Experienced breeders will know exactly its value and will offer you a fair price. The price includes all papers and vaccinations of the puppy, the breeder will always specify to the customer about the vaccination scheme and if there is need for any other shot, depending on the age the puppy is sent to the new owner. Also, if the transportation is included in the price and all is taken care of by the breeder, clearly the price will go higher, depending on the country of destination.

So pay attention if you are about to pay a large sum, check all the papers and certificates of the parents and be mindful about all the other advice we gave in the previous sections. Also it might be that you find breeders who are just beginning with the breed and will offer the dogs at much lower prices. This does not mean that they don’t have good dogs so just pay attention at the people. You will always recognize someone with a genuine love for dogs and sincerity for what they are doing.

Wish you the best of luck in choosing the right Caucasian Shepherd breeder and puppy!

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