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February 24, 2021

The value and quality of a purebred dog – About the Caucasian Shepherd price

It is hard to understand from the outside what it means to breed dogs and have a dog kennel. Of course, as many of the things in life, what we do not have an experience of, we cannot understand or empathize. That is why many clients have unrealistic expectations regarding the purebred Caucasian Shepherds’ prices. This happens also because there are different unexperienced sellers on the market which are not actual breeders and ask for extremely small or extremely big prices for the dogs.

Let’s get a bit deeper inside into what it means to be a dog breeder and the costs this implies.

The costs involved in having a kennel

In our Titans Family kennel we host between 10 and 20 dogs yearly, depending on the litters we have. We have our adult Titans and different pups of theirs until the time comes for them to go to new owners. 

  • The costs start from feeding them premium dog food (around 50 euro per bag), raw meat and sometimes cooked food during wintertime. 
  • The vaccination and disinfestation schemes for both adults and pups have to happen regularly and put together they are quite costly
  • Veterinary interventions in case of unexpected situations such as a female giving birth to too many pups and having her uterus broken
  • Transportation costs for international shipments, which vary a lot from country to country

In addition to these, of course there are different improvements of the enclosures and materials that need to be bought from time to time. Also, we bring new dogs from other kennels, maybe from Russia, maybe from Romania, constantly refreshing our family. 

Various types of dog sellers

You should pay attention and ask plenty of questions to the person who is trying to sell you a puppy. If you investigate the market you will find all sorts of Caucasian Shepherd puppies at very low prices which are sold on popular market websites. 

The dog sellers can be of different types, taking dogs from different parts and reselling them without knowing much about them. If you want to buy a low budget Caucasian Russian puppy from such a seller you should really think more than twice, as a dog is not an object and you will have him by your side for 10+ years. 

Dogs which are bred randomly can have different inappropriate characteristics, unexpected health conditions and unwanted behavior patterns. 

Paying little money on such a valuable dog breed doesn’t honor breeders or dogs and doesn’t perpetuate appropriate characteristics for passing on purebred dogs. 

Such inexperienced sellers can induce the future dog owners into confusion and misguide them. The ideal relationship between a dog seller and a dog owner is a long-term one, an open one in which the dog owner receives guidance and advice about the dog he is buying.

The costs of having a Caucasian Shepherd

You should take into consideration that the dog you are purchasing will be by your side for many years and your life rhythm will be modified after the arrival of the pup. The costs will also be an investment on the long run, so we recommend buying dogs from breeders for the best investment.

A purebred Caucasian Ovcharka dog will be priced starting from 1000 euros and adding on, according to different criteria including its pedigree type and the age when you get the dog. If you get him at a later age, the price will be higher because of more vaccinations and disinfestation schemes performed on the dog. Also, depending on the parents of the pups, their personality and value in competitions, the prices can be lower or higher. 

Transportation to international destinations is also a crucial factor in the final price of the dog. This way, a dog shipped to USA or Canada can reach a total value of 3000 to 4000 dollars, as dog breeders make all the procedures necessary so that the dog reaches safely its owner. 

After your Caucasian puppy reaches home, you will have to provide him with premium dog food or fresh raw meat, depending on the preferred diet. Lots of chew toys and an organized place for sleeping should also be prepared in advance. And of course, you will need to take him to the local vet and get him registered, perform monthly disinfestation schemes and vaccines when necessary.

So your budget should be prepared for this new arrival on the long term. The best mentality to have when getting a new dog is the one that honors the value and quality of a purebred dog and the breeders. 

If you want to know more precise prices for our pups, depending on what kind of dog you want and where it needs to be shipped, you can always send us an email or write a message on the website’s chatbox. Hope this was helpful for you!

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