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March 14, 2018

Dogs can eat avocado!

Dog eats avocado

“Can I give my dog some avocado?”; “What if it hurts it?”; “What if it’s allergic?” If, if, if. It seems that the myth has been solved, and avocado is beneficial for our champions. It plays an important role for their nutritional requirements. Dogs can become addicted to avocados trying to persuade you to give…   Continue

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March 9, 2018

Dog snoring

Snoring at dogs

Snoring, the most annoying action in a man’s life. You get home tired and want to have a good night’s sleep, but the snore of your partner or even your pet does not give you peace. Its causes could be even fatigue or obesity. Snoring is the result of the vibrations of the upper airways…   Continue

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February 14, 2018

Valentine’s day with your pet

Valentines day with dog

My Valentine? He/She is cute, amazing, athletic, with hazel eyes and loves long walks in parks or on the beach. What could you wish for? Yes, it’s about my dog! February 14th comes with hurried steps and if you are lucky enough to share your life with a dog, you already have the most wonderful…   Continue

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December 18, 2017

Raising a Caucasian Shepherd puppy in the first 9 months of life

Caucasian Shepherd puppy

The first months of life are very important for the Caucasian Shepherd, as in this period the puppy receives the first vaccines, the primary teeth are replaced by the permanent ones and the puppy gets the first training lessons, building character. There are several important characteristics you should consider when raising a Caucasian Shepherd puppy….   Continue

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